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Bismillāh ar-Rahmān ar-Rahīm


A Compendium of the talks of:

Rady Allāhu ‘Anhu

Compiled by his grandson:

As-Sayyid Muhammad bin Mustafā Bū Numay
Rahmatullāhi ‘alayh



In the words of my master, my grandfather, may Allah make people benefit from him, who explained what Allah, The Exalted said (in the Qur’an).

And who is better in speech than he who invites towards Allah and works righteousness and says: Truly, I am one of the Muslims. (41:33)

My grandfather explained, may Allah be pleased with him.

And who is better in speech than he who invites towards Allah. (41:33)

He calls people to the worship of Allah and he summons the heedless to the remembrance of Allah. And he invites non-believers to Islam and to Islamic beliefs. And he invites in all the possible ways which draw people closer to their Lord and gather them towards their Lord and on their religion. This is the invitation for which Allah raised up the Prophets and Prophetic Messengers and for it He made them the driving force and leaders to gardens of bliss (in Paradise). On it is established the qibla (direction of Prayer) and for it has spread the community of Muslim believers. So there is no word that is utmost best than of the one who invites to Allah and does it openly and publicizes it among the Muslims.

The inviters (to Islam) are representatives of the best of the Prophetic Messengers, may Allah bless him and his Family and grant him peace. So who is better in speech than he who has this attribute and persists in what the Prophets and Prophetic Messengers persisted and in what the pious servants of Allah persisted. So they are the successful ones with great rewards (from Allah) as well as those who follow them and are guided by their guidance till the Day of Judgement.

And who is better in speech than he who invites towards Allah. (41:33)

He calls people to the nearness of Allah and to the obedience of Allah and to the worship of Allah and to the Oneness of Allah and to everything that draws (people) near to Allah in matters of religion and in matters of helping in religion and in matters for which came the master of all the Prophetic Messengers, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

And works righteousness. (41:33)

He invites (towards Allah) and works righteousness until he makes sure he does what he says. Because when a person gives an invitation and calls towards Islam, and does the (good) deeds of Islam, he goes more (directly) to the hearts and his invitation is accepted because he does not pour into a container except to its full. And if the inviter to Allah acts on what he calls towards, people respond to him and they know that indeed he is truthful in what he says because he invites truthfully. And working righteousness is among the important conditions for the inviter towards Allah.

And says: Truly, I am one of the Muslims. (41:33)

He says: Allah is my Lord, I believe in Allah. And Allah finds him saying that and fills his heart with the (belief in the) Oneness of his Lord and knowledge about Him. And he proclaims it openly, in the valley and in the desert and in every place, to spread religion and to decrease the polytheists.

And goodness and evil are not the same. (41:34)

This is the scale given to us from Allah for the worker (of righteousness) and for the intelligent. Where are you going to unite the good and the evil? Righteousness raises your grades and draws you near to Allah and draws you near to goodness and makes people love you, and Allah, The Glorified and The Exalted, to love you. And its opposite is evil. It throws you to the lowest of the low and distances you away from the Presence of the Truthful (Allah), The Glorified and The Exalted. So as soon as you mention good and evil, you know the difference between these two matters. And the urge to do good deeds and keep away from evil does not come until there is the invitation.

And it must be mentioned here that this invitation has to be suitable and with hidden wisdom so that when an inviter calls (to Islam) he calls with a goodly invitation, with kindness, to attract the hearts of people. And he invites them in a beautiful manner and he is invited to them. And when a heedless person comes, he puts a smile on his face and he understands his character and he does not say any words to put him down, until he attracts him, and he follows what he says. This is the quality of the inviter (to Islam) that when he intends to attract people to goodness and to call them to goodness, he becomes soft with them on his side and he comes to them with pleasant words until they accept him.

In the same way, Allah, The Glorified and The Exalted, said to His Prophet, may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him.

Repel it (the evil) with something better.  (41:34)

This is the second (desirable) character trait.

If there is between you and someone else a struggle, dispute or argument, don’t hasten towards offence and don’t hasten towards violence.

Repel it (the evil) with something better (41:34) until he realizes that he is not up to the mark. So if you talk with him nicely, he will be remorseful and be reconciled. If you understand that he is at fault and confront him with increased offence and make him harsh, you will put up a fire between you and him. So Allah commands the Muslim believers to repel bad with goodness. In this way, you organize the invitation (to Islam) and in this way is the speech prepared.

But if you stand to invite people and there stands against you someone with words that are not good, you stand in conflict, you and him alone. Take him with kindness and make clear the truth as explained here. And if he increases his talk against you, invite him over. This is the quality of inviters (to Islam). Don’t have revenge in your character because retaliation is the disposition of the animal. If there is something, the animal is prone to kill. But if a Muslim believer comes across someone with an evil, he does not rush to him in retaliation, but hastens to him attractively, until he is reconciled.